Scroll saw woodworking and crafts.

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Cover Features:
* 6 Easy Weekend Projects for Beginners
* Woodworking Gear Clock - Complete instructions and full size patterns - See the video here:
* 96 How-to Photos
* Wooden Box Hinges
* Cheap and Easy Finishing Technique
* Cut Perfectly Fitting Intarsia

* Scroll Saw Therapy by Kathleen Ryan
* The Puzzles of William Waite by Mindy Kinsey
* Crafting a Daisy Photo Frame by Kathy Wise
* Building a Wooden Gear Clock by Clayton Boyer

* Creating a Turtle Teaser Puzzle by William Waite
* Making Stylish Gifts with Wooden Hinges by Gary MacKay
* Creating an Intarsia Fox by Janette Square
* Building a Portable Heb Planter by Fred and Julie Byrne
* Making a Geometric Box by Sue Mey
* Making a Celestial Mobile by Daniel and Ruth Johnson

* Filigree Fretwork Hearts by Alison Tanner
* Cutting a Whimsical Heart Puzzle by Rosalie and Tom Cross
* Waiting by Kerry Hallam
* Spring Songbirds by Alison Tanner
* Simply Elegant Cross Designs by Gene M. Reilly and Robert Riggs

* Cutting Intarsia with a Single Pattern by Carol and Homer Bishop
* Making Custom Jigsaw Puzzles by Charles Ross

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