Chainsaw carving

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Meet Some of the World’s Finest Chainsaw Artists

Since the 1960s, carving with a chainsaw has captured the attentionof artists and enthusiasts because of its intriguing combination of excitement, danger, and beauty. Today, due to the increasing number of competitions and performances and a rapidly growing community of talented artists participating in the craft, chainsaw carving has emerged as a highly respected art form that resides in a class by itself.

In Art of Chainsaw Carving, noted chainsaw sculptor Jessie Groeschen
presents an insider’s look at the major artists, both past and present, whose unique and pioneering talents, artistic styles, and personalities make this art form so fascinating.

In addition, you’ll find an informative step-by-step chapter on how to carve a beautiful Sun, Moon, Bear chair. Demonstratedby the author herself, the project reveals the fascinating process f
using a chainsaw to unlock the raw and natural beauty of wood.

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