Celtic carved lovespoons

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Celtic carved lovespoons.

Centuries ago, ardent young Welshmen began the tradition of creating beautiful wooden spoons, carved with appropriate romanitc symbols, to give to the girl of their dreams.

Lovespoons are still presented as tokens of affection and good luck today, and in this book two leading practitioners explain the background of their craft, reveal the techniques involved in creating these highly-prized objects and show absolute beginners how to design and fashion lovespoons of their own.

Features Include:
- a comprehensive illustrated guide to lovespoon symbols
- a check list of all the tools and equipment you will need
- step-by-step instructions on spoon carving, including the complexities of chains, spirals and balls in cages
- a portfolio of lovespoon patterns, with notes on their inspiration, the types of wood chosen and the craftsmanship involved
- a practical guide to lovespoon design, incorporating traditional symbols
- tips and useful aids, including sharpening and finishing techniques
- a gallery of lovespoons carved by the authors

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