300 voorbeelden (christelijk en inspiratief)

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300 voorbeelden. o.a. christelijke voorbeelden, inspiratieve voorbeelden enz. 214 bldz.

300 Christian and Inspirational Patterns for Scroll Saw Woodworking, 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded 
By Tom Zieg

Symbols have been used to convey abstract ideas all over the world.

This book describes some of the more common symbols of Christianity developed hundreds of years ago to tell the story of Christ.

They are found in traditions and teachings to this day.
Get inspired by 300 patterns rich in Christian symbolism to create beautiful works of art with a scroll saw.

From simple puzzles to ornate crosses, there are projects for both the beginner and experienced scroller alike.
Most of the projects require the use of a hand or electric drill along with the saw.


Author Tom Zieg has included a section on the symbolism depicted in the designs to give a better understanding as to how the designs were derived.
He also gives his tips on how to best cut out the patterns to preserve the delicate details.

The woodworker using this book should not feel confined to using the patterns exactly as illustrated.
They may be changed to meet specific needs by reducing or enlarging to make their own woodworking heirlooms.

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